Hello, hello! It’s been a while.

A lot of stuff’s been poppin’ here and there so I would say end January to first week March was pretty busy. We recently released our baby &Flora, which I would be writing about soon here on the blog as well. So a couple of orders have been pouring in there and I had to take care of that. Also, around mid-Feb, my cousins from Dubai came to visit. So I was baby-sitting 4 kids for 4 days straight, and it was really somethin. lol. It was tiring, but I love those babies so much. In fact, they even let me do a little photoshoot with them, LOL!

Most of the direction was them, making up a story about dark fairies and light fairies fighting, and then reconciling in the aftermath. Thrown in some proper story-telling elements, and I actually think we’re in business! lol

It was also fitting since Fleurice and Sam are both Geminis, and I always tease them about this because they reek of sass, fun, and cute lil sarcasms hahahaha

Looking back, I was able to do more active things that whole 4 days. I was runnin around, able to walked the dogs and take them running, Luna was always happily tired…it was all fun! I mean, I was constantly exhausted, but it was the active lifestyle I’m trying to balance (although I had trouble balancing it with work).

They wanted to keep the shoot going LMAO but I told them we’ll do it some other time again. And then they went to their mom and told her that they wanted to go here once a month and that’s when I froze as a preview of what could happen played in my head as sweat went rolling down my face lol

We had our last piece of the past year in Boracay, which had just opened since its rehabilitation in July. We thought it would be a perfect way to end the year, celebrate my mom’s birthday, and hers and dad’s anniversary in advance as well!

I also brought my Canon point and shoot camera to finally give it a spin! Also, I was kinda expecting a sunny weather (which I realised was kinda stupid because it was already rainy here in Manila, but I guess that was more of a wishful thinking lol), but it was rather gloomy for the first 2 days. The sun came around eventually though by the end of our trip lmao (typical universe hahahaha).

We were so excited to find Sunny Side Cafe was still there! It’s our favourite place to eat whenever we visit Boracay. They have the best pancakes, breakfast meals, drinks—just awesome food all through out.

Coming back here, we saw all the many improvements Boracay have developed over the few months it was closed for rehabilitation. The shores are now clean and trash free (PLEASE THROW YOUR TRASH IN THE TRASH CANS YOU PIECE OF GARBAGE), the tables that over crowded the beach front by the restaurants along the shore is now controlled, plus that one area that’s somehow dumped with seaweed is now gone! Idk how tho.

We stayed in the same hotel we go to every time we go on a vacation which was Astoria Hotels and Resorts. One of the great life decisions my mom and dad has ever made was joining their membership. And I’m forever grateful that we can actually schedule family travel trips (at least, locally) more often and not fret about accommodation.

Anyway, we all enjoyed a great deal of swimming and beach bumming, which we also feel we don’t do enough so much in our previous beach trips (we always go for a shorter amount of time, so I guess we don’t really have that much time to bum around lol

That’s all for now! No issues with my Canon Autoboy so far. I like how the pictures turned out, it was very simple and easy to use, and very portable (although it maybe a little bigger than the other point and shoots, but I like how it fits my hand, so). And contrary to other reviews and how they find the noise overwhelmingly loud, I on the other hand did not? Well, it didn’t bother me that much, so it wasn’t that big of a turn-off.

Anyway, that’s on that! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and reading up to here. I’m trying to create more fresh content, but I’m still getting the hang of balancing work, this, and just life in general hahahaha. So THANK YOU for the patience. *hands a tissue to my artsyfartsy heart*

Hello everyone, I’m back with something new (ur probably getting tired of my old shit amirite lmao me too tbh)

I finally had the chance to shoot with Chelsea again after 2 years. The first time I shot her was when I worked with them for Comma Apparel. I knew right then that she’s going to be fun to shoot with and we’ve been talking about doing this for quite some time now (I actually wanted to have her on the Dreamscapes project, but she wasn’t available then). It just feels good that we finally did it hahaha (and it feels so good to have been making something new again hahahaha)

So originally, I wanted to get a sunny, boho themed kind of look, but the weather was like “mm, no girl” hahaha So we just went along with the gloomy weather feel. It still worked, in my opinion lols

Chelsea was so awesome for being game all through out. It felt like it was going to rain any minute but she was still down and even offering levels of smile to project. This gal gots the happy-Leo energy and I am livinn.

To tell you the truth, we shot 2 looks and there are a lot of bombass shots lmao. So I’m just posting this bunch here for now. I’ll post tid bits of the others some other time again 🙂