This was a quick brand and app design project for a design class that my friend Patrice and I teamed up on. We were tasked to create and design an app that works like Tinder for artists.

We came up with Astirisk with the idea of an app that can be a quick swipe-left-swipe-right concept of Tinder, while being a show and tell platform for designers like Dribbble and Bēhance.

Astirisk is a place where designers can connect with fellow artists and even non designers who are looking to collaborate with different artists. Whether you’re an online magazine company looking for a graphic designer, or even a photographer looking for a makeup artist––Astirisk serves as a pool for all kinds of artists looking for a collaboration.

⚠️ (Photos are not mine and were used only for this project in class for visual presentation. I do not claim any rights to the photos in any way. Credits go to their respective owners. Similarly, the app does not exist in any app store. This was only created for a design class.)

Co-created with Patrice Catindig.

A side note: A friend of mine pointed out a funny coincidence which was that why do I keep working on projects named after punctuation marks (Comma Apparel & Astirisk) hahahaha

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