Back In Palawan

Last June, we found ourselves back in Puerto Princesa, Palawan (but this time with my mom and cousin in tow hahahaha). We visited the same places and also stayed in the same place as before, so there’s really not that much new stuff this time. We did, however, spent a whole day in Pandan Island (part of he island hopping experience) as we opted to not push through with the other islands; more time swimming, less time transferring (also because we saw the other islands before and this one was the one we skipped. Turns out Pandan Island’s the best of all (in my opinion)).


There’s also not much photos like before because this trip came right after my thesis defense and all I wanted to do was have a vacation like any ordinary person (which loosely translates to “I just wanna swim and enjoy the trip and not be the appointed docu team” hahahahha #lovetakingpicturestho)

I didn’t take my Pentax with me that time, but I had my Lomoinstant, so there were a lot of instant photos for this trip! 


Even though it was around summer time, it was actually rainy then, all thanks to global warming lol. So it wasn’t exactly the usual summer heat (which is a fucking oven) here in the Philippines, but we were blessed with a sunny enough weather in Palawan (it was hella rainy back in Manila).


Anyway, the waters were DIVINE. I haven’t enjoyed swimming that much for so long! I didn’t want to go out of the water, tbh. It was also such a win that that time, there weren’t that much people on the beach, so the whole experience was just serene. Sigh. A damn highlight.