Boracay 2017


But since 2016 really sucked the heck out of everyone, my sister and I vowed we’d make the most of 2017. And we managed to push mom and dad to book a 3-day vacation in Boracay (something I want to consider an achievement).


We got there around noon, so the first thing we did was eat lunch hahaha–but right after, we went straight to the beach (because duh!).

We stayed at Astoria Boracay along Station 1, where I heard has finer and softer sands than stations 2 and 3. True enough, it does! It was like flour, tbh. The last time I was in Boracay was more than a decade ago, so it was almost kind of my first time as well. And the sunset did. not. disappoint. 


So basically everything was good and well the first day. The water was perfect, the sand was perfect, the sunset was divine, and I couldn’t wait to enjoy them the whole day the next day. But I’ve never been exactly “lucky” with vacations–there’s always something happening, TRUST ME. And for this trip, it was 1) the films I ordered did not arrive on time for the trip so I had to use my DSLR instead, which turned out to be a blessing for the next mishap: 2) Mother Nature dropped the monthly red bomb on me. ZZZZZ

So I just took videos and photos around while they enjoyed the beach. 🙃🙃🙃 (but hey, at least I got some shots here and there and that’s a fair win to me either way!)

(ya ok, liar)


I mean, OBVIOUSLY I’ve been taking portrait photos again, but whatevs, I couldn’t go further off the shore. (huhuhuhuhu) And I’m gonna admit there was a little bitterness that my mom was actually rocking her low-back one piece (yaaaass mom!!), and I was by the shore wearing shorts and reading crime fiction.


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