Chelsea (and the Gloomy Weather)

Hello everyone, I’m back with something new (ur probably getting tired of my old shit amirite lmao me too tbh)

I finally had the chance to shoot with Chelsea again after 2 years. The first time I shot her was when I worked with them for Comma Apparel. I knew right then that she’s going to be fun to shoot with and we’ve been talking about doing this for quite some time now (I actually wanted to have her on the Dreamscapes project, but she wasn’t available then). It just feels good that we finally did it hahaha (and it feels so good to have been making something new again hahahaha)

So originally, I wanted to get a sunny, boho themed kind of look, but the weather was like “mm, no girl” hahaha So we just went along with the gloomy weather feel. It still worked, in my opinion lols

Chelsea was so awesome for being game all through out. It felt like it was going to rain any minute but she was still down and even offering levels of smile to project. This gal gots the happy-Leo energy and I am livinn.

To tell you the truth, we shot 2 looks and there are a lot of bombass shots lmao. So I’m just posting this bunch here for now. I’ll post tid bits of the others some other time again 🙂