Gemini Season is Here Again

Ahh, Gemini Season. I can't say my Scorpio sun isn't always so tired during this time of year, but that's only because my Gemini moon is having the BEST freedom ever. LOL

There are only 2 projects in my whole uni life that I believe will stick with me forever—my screenwriting finals (Surprise! It's not the obvious choice, but that project PULLED out feelings from me and turned it into art like no one's business. Unfortunately, I never got to turn it into an actual film. But I mean, the thought is there? lol) and Dreamscapes. Both pushed me to dig deep and use my personal journey at that time. And while I am FOREVER grateful, humbled, and honoured to have had 2 projects make it into ADAA, nothing beats the fulfilment you get from traversing your crazy forest of emotions and then finding yourself again and again through your art.

I’m not saying its the best shit out there (its really not; not even for a little bit), nor the best shit i’ve ever done (although my sentimental connection to it says otherwise hahahahha), but I’m forever thankful that I have had the opportunity to put into paper all my thoughts and emotions under layers of stories and visual metaphors. It almost felt like this visual diary/therapy and I believe that’s why it’ll always stick with me (and why I will never not repost from this project (LMAO)

I'm actually missing all that now. I miss diving headfirst into a personal project, having the ability to give my all, and just getting lost in there until I come out with ideas unravelled from that little secret space and air it out as art and visuals. I mean, I still have work and everything, but isn't it always a hundred times better when it's a personal project (even though it sometimes takes a lot out of your pocket hahahaha).

With this quarantine happening, I've been feeling so stifled, even with all these inspiring artists creating art challenges and everything. I just can't seem to get out of my rut, and I don't know why. Maybe it's work? Pending revisions on other projects? I don't know. But I really wish I bring out something really juicy this Gemini Season. It's just what it should do. LOL

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