Hello, hello! It’s been a while.

A lot of stuff’s been poppin’ here and there so I would say end January to first week March was pretty busy. We recently released our baby &Flora, which I would be writing about soon here on the blog as well. So a couple of orders have been pouring in there and I had to take care of that. Also, around mid-Feb, my cousins from Dubai came to visit. So I was baby-sitting 4 kids for 4 days straight, and it was really somethin. lol. It was tiring, but I love those babies so much. In fact, they even let me do a little photoshoot with them, LOL!

Most of the direction was them, making up a story about dark fairies and light fairies fighting, and then reconciling in the aftermath. Thrown in some proper story-telling elements, and I actually think we’re in business! lol

It was also fitting since Fleurice and Sam are both Geminis, and I always tease them about this because they reek of sass, fun, and cute lil sarcasms hahahaha

Looking back, I was able to do more active things that whole 4 days. I was runnin around, able to walked the dogs and take them running, Luna was always happily tired…it was all fun! I mean, I was constantly exhausted, but it was the active lifestyle I’m trying to balance (although I had trouble balancing it with work).

They wanted to keep the shoot going LMAO but I told them we’ll do it some other time again. And then they went to their mom and told her that they wanted to go here once a month and that’s when I froze as a preview of what could happen played in my head as sweat went rolling down my face lol