Honestly, I'm Getting Rusty

Before quarantine even started, I have been so preoccupied by (and focused on) design work that I've completely forgotten to practice my photography. Truth is, I was getting ready with my creative plans this 2020. Before the new year rang, I organised a list of various types of goals for the year, including personal photography projects. That really got me excited for the year, but here we are.

Truthfully, I haven't been feeling that good with my photography skills for quite some time now, which kinda sucks. It's actually kinda ironic how I've found such a wonderful spot in graphic design when I went into the Multimedia Arts track for photography. I guess it's the love of system and design in me. But I really do want to foster my photography skills still, I just find it harder to organise it (well, mainly because even during this quarantine period, my design work is never done).

ANYWAY— I was glad my sister, my forever muse, was down to do a small photoshoot at home (she's just got over a rough break up so a photoshoot is an obvious activity at this point lol).

It's the usual thing—catch the golden hour, set up a decent backdrop, and shoot with a minimal outfit and makeup. Literally the easiest and most basic shit there is LOL. But I guess I'm at least working those photog gears. It's been a while since I have.

We were actually supposed to go to Taiwan last February, but the 'Rona has been out and bout by then, so there were travel bans and eventually, our flight got cancelled (we were scared to push through anyway by then). So we changed our plans for something closer to home so we can just take a quick weekend getaway and then go home right after its over. But just the day before our planned trip, Luzon-wide lockdown was implemented, and so we never got to go to ANY of our planned trips. I miss travelling (it's my go-to thing whenever I get creatively stuck on photography), I miss the beach, I miss the earth! I miss experiencing it. :(