I’ll boop your nose– Boop.


Hi, WordPress.

So. I decided that I should have a proper blog site that I should use aside form my tumblr and carbonmade (not that they don’t cater as well, they just have a different focus in terms of blog approach). I’ll soon change up my domain name but until then, I guess this is it for the meantime.

I’m going to be upfront with you: I’m not exactly good at writing deep and well-thought-of blog entries, as I am not a writer. So sorry about that. I do, however, write casually to accompany my illustrations/artworks, which is my main purpose for this blog site. Here, I’m hoping to put up my progress and finished works, share ideas, thoughts, and concepts, as well as a little bit of music here and there. Honestly, I’ve put up and torn down quite a number of blogs of mine. What can I say, I get bored easily (and also my fickle mind up there takes over most of the time– so that blog by my three-years-ago self is bye-bye).

Also: it’s my sister’s birthday! And it’s this blog’s birthday! Can I get two cakes up in ‘ere, sooooonnnn!!!– But seriously though; The 1st of September has always been an eventful date for me since 2009. I don’t know, it just started there, and then since then there was always something happening on September 1st. Also, it’s not because I’m clingy to my sister (nor has my Hogwarts letter arrived).

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