Korea Travel Diary 2015

I finally got the chance to stitch up together a video diary of our Korea trip last May 2015. I didn’t want to end this year without ticking this out of my to-do list, so here it is (A LOT has happened the previous semester and I was not able to whip up some time to do this, hence this super late video).

Making this, I really missed the time we had back then: springtime and care. free.

I also realized I should start taking more videos and making more of these; and not because I want to be “like the cool kids” (because I never will be anyway lol), but because I love watching the smiles on my travel buddies’ faces whenever they watch it. It’s so fulfilling and I like the idea that I get to translate all the memories visually to them.

MUSIC: Cheap Sunglasses – RAC NOTE: Used Sony Vegas Pro for the editing because I don’t have Adobe Premier right now, and the rendering is rather sloppy, as you can see. (sigh)

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