MET: Update (Is This Real Life??¿?)

I haven’t had the chance to write about this for the past couple of months because finals season, but here is another long-overdue update.

Last April 19 was #aDAA17 (Adobo Design Awards Asia), where the best designers in the region are gathered to compete and be judged by a jury composed of some of the world’s best designers. A.K.A., the competition I wouldn’t even dare myself to join because I am but a humble lil peasant who is not worthy lol. But some of my professors came up to me and asked me if they can enter my brand identity project on behalf of the school. I said yes because I figured “lol as if it can qualify to get in– good luck losers” (just kidding, I luv u Ms. Niña!). So when I heard my work qualified as a FINALIST, I already felt like a winner!


Even if I think I may never be able to properly process the whole thing because it’s Adobo!!! The leading creative publishing company in the Philippines!!!! And the competition was not just for the Philippines, but ASIA ??¿?!!!¿!

This will forever have a huge impact in my life. Because years ago, a couple of bullies told me that an introverted loser like me will never get anything in life.

And to think I almost believed them.


PS. I just want to thank a couple of people— my family and friends, who always believed in me (especially my best friend who never fails to hype me up lol), and Ms. Niña Herman, who has taught me so much!

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