Mi casa es su casa

Last June, my cousin and I started this renovation project for a living room space at my grandmother’s place. We saw its potential and really pushed through with it in spite of the fast-approaching new school year. We opted for a cool but sunny vibe by using yellows and blues for the color palette. We felt that leaning towards modern design would create more conflict with the furniture and stuff there, so we verged into a more traditional aesthetic. A lot of the pre-existing furniture were re-painted, including the sofas (yes, apparently you can paint an upholstery! read all about it on the links below!). The pattern on the yellow walls were made by using 2 hues of yellow, and with the darker shade “stamped” on the base by using a crumpled paper. We felt that going for this would add texture and also exuding a “Mi casa es su casa” vibe as well. Overall, it was a very fun experience. It was our first time to experience a renovation work firsthand (from the cleaning, scrubbing, sanding, prepping, painting, until the very last finishing details– and we sure did learn A LOT of things!), and we enjoyed every bit of it! There were a lot of moments (and by moments, mostly are mistakes) that contributed to our growth as artists. Super fun project– definitely won’t be the last.

Paint Your Upholstery

1) You can use this: (latex paint + fabric medium) 2) Or this: (chalk paint)

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