Monthly Music: Intro/Lady Powers

I'm starting this new prompt to make me write something at least once a month—not that I have to always have something in my blog, but I thought this could be a nice thing that I can share that's beyond the arts & design world.

I've always been very very very veeerrryy scared of sharing my music selection, just because I find it VERY personal. I think once you see a person's music library, you get to take in more information than months (or years lol) of acquaintanceship. Also, I've been through some instances where some people laughed at me for liking certain things. And since I take music very personally, it hurt more that it actually should. Hahahaha

So ever since then, I always kept to myself when it comes to my taste in music (this is so funny to actually write down wahahaha)—whenever friends ask about who my favorite band or artist is, I just go with "uhhh i don't really know" then a smooth transition into a different subject. 🤣 It's hard for me to open up about these things, although the first thing I always do whenever a close friend opens up about something personal is to dedicate a whole playlist for them, which is ironic. But I guess it hit different when it's a selection of songs that I get to build for a certain mood, person, event, idea, theme... It becomes something that doesn't reflect an aspect of myself, but more of an idea or a concept—and auditory moodboard. And I'm all about moodboards.

So for this first post for Monthly Music, I thought I'd share a playlist I've made that I feel I've shared more than any playlist:

I made this playlist one day when I was feeling real fucking good and HIGH AF on my lady powers after I successfully shut down a workplace bully (surprise, he's a man! lol). I thought, "This is a HIGH that I wanna ride forever" (there's just a big surge of energy and endorphins when you're a woman who just shut down a big man's mouth, putting him back in his place!!!!) and so I made this playlist to make that feminist confidence high, accessible all the time—even on sad and insecure days; most especially that. I've since played this not only on those type of days, but also during workouts, morning shower/prep time, and most recently, when a friend is going through a healing process from a breakup (I've had so many friends who went through a breakup this year, so I actually have a whole different playlist for that hahaha), and finding themselves again! UGH!!! The high I get when a woman leaves a toxic, PUNY man!!!!

Anyway. If you're looking for an auditory moodboard to get your STRONG, INDEPENDENT, FEMINIST WOMAN out, this is the playlist for you.