Of Pentax and 35mm’s

I’m so excited to share this here, mainly because these are my first shots using the Pentax! What’s even more exciting was that I got the exposures right! Hahahaha

Naturally, I started with portraits (of my sister and cousin huhu thank you for always being there for my first times—even though I know you’re just after the fact that you get to have a new photo of urselves lols) and of course, plant life and my beloved dog. ❤️

All the plant life  subjects were just captured from our garden, along our street, and by the gate of our village. I guess what I’m trying to say is— let’s all try to stop and smell the roses (in this case, even just weeds/wildflowers! hahaha).



This one actually took me an entire half a day to research on. It’s so big along our village’s gate, that I thought it’s actually a huge bush or a tree. But they’re not– they’re vines!  Although still considered as weed type of vine, look how pretty it is thooo 😦 I took this photo after a good run… McDonalds LOL (I was craving their Hamdesal).


I personally think Coat Buttons are very underrated. Or maybe it’s my own personal taste–I like tiny wildflowers more than the big cultivated ones. I think wildflowers are like these little surprises by mother nature. They’re small, quiet, and maybe hidden, but in the right places.


This one is from our garden 🙂 I like it for its sunny disposition, don’t you think so?


We have this chilli pepper plant in our garden that was planted by a bird. I’m not kidding. Our househelp loves birds and would observe them from time to time when they perch and make a home among the small trees we have in our garden. We all thought she was the one who planted this in our garden because she’s got that green thumb and everything, but turns out a couple of birds dropped seeds here and there along our garden (or so she says!).


I mean naturally, I’d practice on my portrait photography with this baby, sooo. I used it as well in the same photoshoot sesh I’ve posted previously. Honestly, I’m just surprised I got the exposures correct, as with the plant life photographs. I was not able to use any light meter, so I’m just really glad I got it right the first try! (No wasted films! hahahaha) What I need to practice though is my focusing.


(pls excuse my arm’s shadow 😓🙄 huhuhuhu)


See? Like I said, my focus is a little rusty there. I had a tricky time with the viewfinder because it’s a little hazy or something (I got a secondhand camera, btw). I just need to get used to it, if anything.


These two were my very first shots! A little overexposed and a little underexposed  (and a little out of focus over there) lol, but I’m glad that I still got the shot somehow.


Lastly, I want to end this post with a picture of my dog ❤️

(I believe I got the light leaks over there from when I unwinded the film wrong for a minute)