Operation Green Thumb (Part 1): Hello, Plantlife



Yes— I just woken up to the beautiful world and realness of greenery and now I ‘m officially obsessed—but broke. Hence, limited to pinning pins on Pinterest and imagining my could-be room.  But it struck me that we actually have a lot of plants of various types in our wee lil garden so yaaaayy! I found this ZZ plant (that is, if my plant vocabulary serves me right?) which was just perfect because I learned that ZZ plants are the toughest to kill (and that it’s almost like a challenge to actually kill it), and can survive the toughest situations.

One thing you have to know about me is that I do not particularly have a green thumb, but I would like to have one!! That’s why hallelujah for this ZZ plant sitting in our backyard. I thought it would be perfect to start practicing that potential green thumb with this baby.

PS. YES I KNOW OK I haven’t started with it when I took this picture. Baby steps, guys, baby steps. Hahahaha

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