Operation Green Thumb (Part 2): Succulents & Dinosaurs


Thanks to Jurassic Pot for this kickass-awesome succulent pot!! Ugh!

For the past few months (and after numerous late night Pinterest browsing), I’ve decided to block off the idea of having a black thumb and forcibly (if I have to word it out that way) drag out the green one instead.

I started off with reading all about plants, familiarizing myself with their different classifications. Though I wouldn’t say I can now answer and ace an exam about it, but I guess I could say that I’ve gotten a wider scope of understanding than before.

I decided: what better way to start off my operation-green-thumb than taking care of succulents. At first, I tried taking care of the few succulents planted in our garden. I was actually happy in finding out that we had a ZZ Plant, and thought that that would be a perfect “level one“. Though it’s a plant that’s actually very challenging to kill (which would kinda make my level 1 a level 0), I made sure to find a way to follow it’s corresponding care needs and instructions.

Pretty soon I decided to move up a step and take care of a succulent of my own. This idea popped into my head after spending a whole night of trying to think what to get for my birthday and practically crying over the fact that a dog won’t be an option as of the moment (or anytime soon, for that matter).

And so here I am taking care of a Styracosaurus. lol.

I found out about Jurassic Pot last summer and had always been waiting for a chance to buy from them since then. That opportunity had obviously (and finally) presented itself and next thing I knew I was on my way to pick up my new baby.

I’m really hoping I grow out my green thumb with this plan. After succulents, I’m planning to go for plants and flowers that would require more attention. But for now, this oughtta do the trick! (hopefully)

What about you guys? Are you also working up for a green thumb as well, or are you one of the lucky earth bender ones? (lol–I hope you get my Avatar reference) Either way, I’d love to hear some tips, advice, and thoughts from you guys!

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