Palawan: Puerto Princesa

Long overdue–but I’m posting some photos from our Palawan trip last March. Just wanted to share some shots from the roll.

Quick story: for some reason, my first roll turned out to not have any photos in it– I figured that it might’ve failed to cling to the sprocket properly or something (even though everything was turning well the whole time but whatever). Anyway, so I lost 36 photos BUT OK imma just let that one go (cue tears).


We stayed at Astoria Palawan, where surprisingly their beach front & shoreline stretched so far, we didn’t really get the chance to swim around (we took photos around tho, obv). To be honest, the whole trip was more of an adventure type of vacation than the swimming type.

We toured around the city, but photos from there were supposedly all on my 1st roll (which Imma learn to let go but still pains me to this day huhuhu whyyyy ;____;), so it’s gone now. But I saw this SUPER CUTE gypsy themed cafe!!! ;___; Ugh, I wish I still have the photos but it was so perfect, I swear. We also went to Baker’s Hill, where i took a lot of Peacock photos (not the pop culture slang, I mean the actual animal).

UGH ANYWAY no use in crying over spilled milk.

After that, we did a little island hopping around Honda Bay and visited the underground river (WHICH IS CRAZY MAJESTIC. I don’t have photos from the inside of the cave because I don’t want to use flash and I was just really amazed and taking in everything–Nature is amazing yalls.)


It’s a shame that we didn’t have enough time to tour around Puerto Princesa more– our tour guide told us a lot more interesting spots to visit. I also kinda feel bad that we didn’t get to swim that much (the heat was I N T E N S E, even for a swim!).

But I’d definitely go back to Palawan; maybe visit El Nido or Coron. One thing’s for sure: I’m double-checking that film loaded on my camera.