Re:Thred shoot

Okay, just before the year ends, I realised I haven’t posted some fo the the photos I used for my senior thesis project. (If you’re interested, head on HERE to see more of my project. I also wrote about it here hehe)

Also: Shout out to Jessa, Dianne, and Patrick again for making themselves available for me to pass uni and graduate huhuhu ❤

We didn’t use any studio lights (if that wasn’t already obvious). We taped up a big cloth to the wall outside by the garage lol. I was so pressed for time that I didn’t have time to make any formal set ups. The key was improvisation and winging it the best I could. lmao

Aside from the retro theme (which was the main theme and visual of my thesis), we also took some more photos with a different styling theme, which was mostly leaning towards…90’s kinda vibe? Idk hahahaha

Honestly, I realised I haven’t really been doing that much creative shit since I graduated unlike what I thought I would’ve. And that would’ve made me feel really guilty and sad if the events/circumstances in my life right now were different. But things has really taken to a….rather busy turn-over, that my call for a hiatus now really makes sense.

Hopefully next year I can start working on new things, finally. But it’s not like I’m not doing anything now. I have some stuff in processing at the moment, and also I’ll be posting one from my previous shoot with Chelsea. But that seems to wrap up my 2018.

Sigh. 2019, please be a creative explosion.