There’s a lot of reasons why I was clinging onto the past holidays and to sum it all up, I knew that the first quarter of this year is going to be jam-packed. Of course, I was dreading my pressed-for-time final thesis (which is actually making me internally scream until April comes to pass), and I was actually lugging in some freelance work too, so first quarter of 2018 is definitely going to be spent working (also probably why I haven’t been posting here so much too–sorry, new year’s resolution lol). BUT this year’s also my grandmother’s 80th birthday, and my folks whose been abroad for months (and some, years) are coming home, so I guess it’s safe to say that there are fun times scheduled too!

What I think most of us are really excited about them coming home is Sophia, my youngest cousin. They haven’t come home since 2016, so we kinda really miss having them around.

Anyway, I guess I want to share this video here that I made for Sophia’s 2nd birthday last year, just cause they’ve finally landed here and also because it’s one of my fave personal vids I’ve edited (hahaha!)

MUSIC: Everything Changes – Sara Bareilles No copyright infringement is intended and all creds goes to owner.

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