The Hold Up Is This:

Hello beautiful, wonderful people who still believe in this blog. As you read this, you’re probably thinking, “where all these blog post this bitch been talkin bout since summer?¿?”

Well, this post is here to report that my time off from school has been really great (sloth life-wise), that working on anything has been feeling more like a chore and a dreadful kinda feeling. I know I promised I’d be working on a lot of personal projects as soon as I get out of school (don’t get me wrong, I have started some already; more of that later), but I can’t get enough of the slacker life at the moment. It’s been a damn long time since I woke up in the morning without the paralysing scare of deadlines and the need of perfection and approval and… I just really wanna savour the lax pace until it lasts (but also because the feeling of not having to do anything is addictive, especially after the whole college/uni thing LOL).



Right now I’m taking baby steps again towards productivity. I just had two rolls processed, another one just about to, a relatively big flower arrangement to dry and frame, and a few branding design projects here and there. But I must confess that I haven’t been focusing much on them as I had initially planned. As it turns out, a lot of my time has been (and is still being) consumed by taking care of Comet, our new baby (puppy) in the family. Not that I have any complaints about it; it’s actually my favourite thing in the world right now. But the fact that that is, it hasn’t been exactly my most productive days, as of recent. But I realised, I needed to learn how to balance my life and work, just like a kickass mother would. And so here I am writing a blogpost to hopefully jump start my productivity.


I know there are things that I promised to post here and I haven’t really followed through, and so the fact that you’re still here, reading this now, is very very VERY much appreciated. I mean, if I were you, I wouldn’t really buy the words this lady right here is writing lol. And that’s why I wanna thank you for being so wonderful and believing in this blog. I wish I could give something back to you like those people who give those giveaways and whatnot, buuuut, alas. HAHAHA. For now I’ll be trying my best to post all my pending blog post regularly, and hopefully it becomes a habit that never dies (even after I cop a good job by next year hehehehe).

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