Warm Glow

The golden hour light was looking particularly golden that day so we decided to take advantage of it by doing a mini shoot just inside my bedroom. My sister also bought this new blush that she wanted to play around in, but the golden hour was stronger than her Golden cheek tint lol.

Here are some photos from my Pentax:


This one was around 5PM or so? And we didn’t even need to go out or anything—this was just shot inside my room with open curtains to get all the light possible, and literally just using my closet for the background! 🙂


If you have a very blank background and a relatively simple subject (in this case, my model’s just wearing a very simple top, and her hair/makeup isn’t really that “loud” detail-wise), it’s nice to use something as props just to add more dimension in the composition. If you’re shooting on a very limited space like this one, adding something for a foreground will add more dimension in the photo as well.

Here’s some from my DSLR too:*


Ok, that’s all I have for now hahahaha. Let me know if you have any golden hour photography tips/techniques that you use! I would love to learn how you do your own warm glow magic!💫

*Let me know if you guys want to get the Lightroom preset I used for this one! (Simulated the colours from the film hehehe)🌞