We Scale Because We Care

Our finals project– a multifold. (And to be honest, I did something (very) wrong which is I didn’t get to have it printed out.)

The goal was to create a 12 x 12 spread multifold that folds up into a 4 x 4, as it creatively discuss either the elements or principles of design. I chose Monsters Inc. as my theme because of the idea of “doors”, that fitted the type of folding where you open up two flaps. If I’m going to be completely honest, I wasn’t completely thoughtful though the process, compared to the other previous works. Maybe because this semester was actually grinding me down to bits and all I cared about was to finish it all. But I guess if there weren’t so many other subjects to focus on, I’d be able to put more focus on this one.

Here’s a little idea behind my folding concept:

Essentially, there would be one big door…

that would open up to more doors…

and more doors…


until it opens up to the final spread design.


I do feel bad that I wasn’t able to have it printed out. Not only because I would probably have a deduction on my grade, but also because I’d love to see it play out with the medium and the folding plan (and present it at crtit week). Alas, I guess all I can do is try to have it printed now for portfolio purposes and also to keep things going. One ting that I don’t want to do this year to have a bunch of unfinished stuff on my plate.