RE:CRAFT  is the senior project produced to create a platform for crafters and DIYers where they can share their art, connect with other artists, sell their craft projects, and many more.


In recent years, there’s been an increased interest in DIY crafting.


In fact, the size of craft and DIY industry in the Philippines today is a staggering $30 million up from $18.7 in 2016. But in a recent study, while 73% of respondents showed interest in DIY, it recedes to a decline of 24%, making it 49% of respondents who really do DIY themselves.

While there are a ton of DIY and craft platforms, there’s no denying that there’s still a lack of accessibility to DIY locally. Today’s DIY culture offers a wide array of platforms for crafters, but each has a disadvantage over accessibility.

In a study by ZACH WILLIAMS, 52% of DIY consumers are older Millennials and younger Generation X- ers, aged 24-44 years old, millennials being the biggest market. What’s interesting is that while millennials share the top market with the younger Baby Boomers, their reasons for DIY are different.

According to THRED UP's study, Millennials are 2.4x more motivated by eco-conscious factors, while those in their 60’s are 3.4x more likely to be motivated by value and savings.

Interestingly, in the same study by Zach Williams, while DIY’s main perceived goal is to help save money, the study showed that a significant amount of the younger demographic has a passion to make and not just consume, making 47% of DIY crafters people who just really enjoy the creative process.

Crafters need a new space that has everything they need in a platform.


Given this is a new product with an already existing market for DIY, Re:craft falls under the product development segment. With that, we plan to have a 3-tiered marketing plan:
Scatter (Awareness), Draw (Influence), and Paste (Capture).


Re:craft will keep an active presence in other social media outlets, like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc. to keep a buzz on the cyberspace.


Additionally, Re:craft will keep a close partnership with art and crafts supply stores to have an active presence in the existing market's routinary circle.


The Re:craft Bar will be this one-day event featuring craft artists and the likes. With provided DIY materials, DIY anything and post on the app with the tag #recraftbarchallenge, and share/link to at least one other social media. The most like and share count wins a prize.



New stuff will be posted every week in the app blog and videos section, including a bi-monthly featured artist video, where featured artist will be interviewed while crafting a project. The item will then be sold/auctioned in the Marketplace.

Lastly, for one of Re:craft's main features, is the DIY of the Month Starter Kits. Monthly, there will be a featured DIY project, in which the materials needed are stored in a starter kit box that are available for shipping right onto your doorstep so you can get your craft on!